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The Green is an elemental force which connects all forms of plant life on earth, experienced by elementals as an ethereal realm inhabited by the collective minds of the Parliament of Trees.

Time and again, The Green has chosen protectors for itself to wield its power against threats to the earth or from opposing elemental forces such as The Red, The Clear, The Grey, and The Rot.

Some of these protectors include:

New Earth:

Prime Earth

Earth 2

Another, the Floronic Man, went insane after attempting to connect with The Green through Swamp Thing, but his later version as the Seeder did manage to temporarily become a protector. Solomon Grundy is also purportedly connected to The Green, but he was tainted by aspects of The Grey.[1]

In the parallel universe of Earth 2, The Green chooses Alan Scott as its protector in preparation for a coming threat, and in the wake of a devastating attack by Darkseid. It uses his engagement ring as a conduit for its power, naming him a Green Lantern.


  • The Green is analogous with The Red, a field linking all animal life on earth; The Grey, which is an extraterrestrial life force consisting of fungi and moulds; and The Black or the Rot, the force of decay and death.


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