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Quote1.png They call me Mr. FixIt Quote2.png
--Mr. Fixit

Appearing in "They Call Me Mr. Fixit"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Mr. Rock (Single appearance)[1]




  • Ms. Allure's Car

Synopsis for "They Call Me Mr. Fixit"

Allure, a woman with immense hypnotic powers, is taking over Chicago's mob business, thanks to her uncanny abilities. She is also aided by several goons, leaded by the Absorbing Man. Allure is not content with all she has, she wants more, even increase her hypnotic power. The scientists working for her are not able to do so. So she decides to kill them, and place an ad to look for a brilliant scientist. Bruce Banner reads the ad and travels to Chicago to get interview. His cousin She-Hulk goes with him. But as they step on the windy city, Bruce is kidnapped by Allure and the Absorbing Man. Allure uses her hypnosis against Banner, who cannot resist it, and willingly accepts the job. Despise her efforts, the She-Hulk fails to save her cousin. Banner starts working on a device that will increase Allure's power, and cure her from her migraines. Allure's power made men love her. So the Absorbing Man, who had feelings for Allure, gets jealous at Banner and plans his demise.

Bruce turns into the Gray Hulk and fights back. As the Absorbing Man escapes, She-Hulk shows up to find her cousin. She-Hulk convinces the Hulk to attack Allure but disguised. Thus, the She-Hulk puts on a sexy outfit and calls herself, Ms.Green. And Hulk puts on a suit and calls himself Mr. Fixit. The "new" couple in town start ruining Allure's business, so she sends the Absorbing Man and her other goons to stop them. Mr. Fixit and She-Hulk start defeating their opponents, when suddenly, the Absorbing Man absorbs the Hulk's might, and hits Mr. Fixit very hard. Depleted from her might, Hulk turns back into Banner, who is found by the Absorbing Man and taken to Allure's building. But, the police arrives to the scene and arrests the rest of Allure's men. At Allure's lab, Bruce is able to resist Allure's hypnosis by thinking about her love for Betty, and Allure is unaware of this. Banner finishes the device and runs it on Allure. The device successfully cures Allure from her migraines, but it also depletes the woman from her hypnotic power. At that moment, She-Hulk and the police show up to arrest the criminals. With no way out, Allure feels sorry for herself because she has lost everything she had. But the Absorbing Man tells her that she has not lost him, and they kiss with love. She-Hulk is touched by the romantic scene, and expresses with tears as she and Bruce walk out the building.


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