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The Fifty State Initiative, often referred to as simply The Initiative, is a fictional governmental plan that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics, in particular those related to The Avengers. Its purpose is to provide a superhero team in every state of the United States after the conclusion of the 2006–2007 "Civil War" storyline.


The Initiative plan is #41 on the list of 101 items that Mister Fantastic, Iron Man and Yellowjacket came up with to ensure the increased security of super-human activities, following the Stamford tragedy that helped pass the Superhuman Registration Act. Registered superhumans are sent to Camp Hammond to train before they are assigned to an Initiative team.

Three comic books were directly launched as a result of this Initiative: Avengers: The Initiative, Mighty Avengers and The Order. These have since been followed by three different mini-series: The Last Defenders focusing on the first team assigned to New Jersey, Patsy Walker: Hellcat about the sole hero allocated to Alaska, and Marvel Zombies 3 which in its first issue centered on the team in Florida defending the Marvel Universe from zombie invasion.

Though the Initiative covers all 50 states, only 25 are shown to currently have heroes/teams assigned. The following states have their Initiative superhero assignment status unknown as of now: Alabama, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming.

During the Fear Itself storyline, Captain America has Prodigy reassemble the known Initiative teams where they are briefed about the hammers that the Serpent had summoned to Earth.[1]

List of teams by state

State Team name 1st mention/appearance Members Former Members or
Alaska N/A Patsy Walker: Hellcat #1 Hellcat[2]
Arizona Desert Stars[3] Avengers: The Initiative #12 (mentioned), #16 (shown) Member list Blacksmith (I Skrull), Komodo,
Arkansas The Battalion Avengers: The Initiative #19[4] Razorback[5] Razorback (I Skrull), Tigra[4]
California The Order[6] Civil War #6 Member list Member list
Delaware The Women Warriors Avengers: The Initiative #26 Asp, Black Mamba, Diamondback, Quicksand, Skein
Florida The Command[7] Marvel Zombies 3 #1 Jennifer Kale,[8] Wundarr the Aquarian[9] Siege (D), The Conquistador (D), The Conquistador (D,I Skrull)
Georgia The Cavalry[10] Avengers: The Initiative #12 (mentioned), #18 (shown) Ultra Girl (L),[11] Thor Girl,[12] Crime-Buster,[10] Stunt-Master,[10] Red Nine[5] Thor Girl (I Skrull)
Hawaii Point Men[13] Avengers: The Initiative #12 (mentioned), #14 (shown) Stingray (L),[5] Devil-Slayer, Star Sign, Paydirt, Magnitude[12] 3-D Man,[14] Magnitude (I Skrull)
Illinois Spaceknights Named in Civil War #6[6] Members List
Iowa Force Works[15] Named in Civil War #6 Cybermancer[16]
Kansas Harvesters Marvel Zombies Supreme #2 Pioneer Topeka, Grain Belt, Meadowlark,Sunflower (all D)
Kentucky Action Pack Avengers: The Initiative #7 Vox (L), Prima Donna, Frog-Man[12] Frog-Man (I Skrull)
Maryland Psionex Avengers: The Initiative #26 Member list
Montana Freedom Force Avengers: The Initiative #12 Challenger (L),[17] Cloud 9, Think Tank, Equinox,[12] Spinner Equinox (I Skrull)
Nebraska Unknown Iron Man vol. 4 #24 Captain Ultra(L) Gadget (D), Paragon (D)[18]
New Mexico Mavericks[7][19] Avengers: The Initiative #16 She-Thing,[12] Annex,[5] Geiger[20] Jocasta,[12] She-Thing (I Skrull)
New York (Mighty/Dark) Avengers[6] Civil War #6 Member list Member list
North Carolina Unknown Avengers: The Initiative #26, #35 (mentioned) Butterball, Batwing U-Foes (Ironclad, Vapor, Vector, X-Ray)
Ohio Unknown Marvel Zombies 5 #2 Howard the Duck, Machine Man, Swift Cloud, Hurricane
Oregon Force of Nature Avengers: The Initiative #26 Aqueduct, Skybreaker, Sunstreak, Terraformer
Pennsylvania Liberteens[21][22] Avengers: The Initiative Annual 1 Member list Revolutionary (I Skrull), Whiz Kid (D)
Texas Rangers Civil War #7 (as Initiative team) Member list Armadillo
Utah The Called Civil War #6 (mentioned), Avengers: The Initiative #17 (named) Unknown group of heroes belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints[23]
Vermont The Garrison Penance: Relentless #3 (shown), The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z hardcover Volume #5 (named) Fin, Man-Eater
Washington Earth Force Civil War: Frontline #11 Skyhawk,[12] Earth Lord, Wind Warrior Skyhawk (I Skrull)
Wisconsin Great Lakes Initiative Deadpool/GLI Summer Fun Spectacular (as Initiative team) Member list Grasshopper IV (I Skrull)
  • Notation: (L) Leader; (D) Deceased; (I) Infiltrator

Non State assigned teams

Team name 1st mention/appearance Base of operations Members
Shadow Initiative Avengers: The Initiative #4 Camp Hammond / Camp H.A.M.M.E.R. Members list

Other sanctioned heroes by assigned location

Location Name(s) 1st appearance
New York City Jackpot Amazing Spider-Man #546 (January 2008)
New York City Blue Shield Amazing Spider-Man #550 (February 2008)
New York City (Harlem) Falcon Captain America #26 (May 2007)
New York City Slyde (undercover police officer) Amazing Spider-Man #602 (September 2009)

Teams no longer part of the Initiative

Team name Status State 1st mention/appearance Base of operations Members
Operation: Lightning Storm[24] Disbanded. Non-state assigned team Ms. Marvel vol. 2 #13 Minicarrier 13 Ms. Marvel, Agent Sum, Agent Locke (left),[25] Agent Baines (D),[25] Machine Man, Sleepwalker
Thunderbolts[26] Deactivated from the Initiative by Norman Osborn,[27] a new formation is now operating as black ops for Osborn, now disabled due to events following "Siege".[28] Colorado Thunderbolts #110 (as Initiative team) Thunderbolts Mountain Members list
Defenders[29] Team made defunct. Operated outside the Initiative for a short while before being disbanded by H.A.M.M.E.R.[30] New Jersey Last Defenders #1 Hoboken Member list
Fantastic Four Suspended from the Initiative.[31] Still operating outside the Initiative New York City Baxter Building Member list
Camp Hammond Disbanded / Demolished Connecticut Avengers: The Initiative #1 Camp Hammond Camp Hammond Staff & Trainees
Heavy Hitters[3] Seceded from the Initiative.[32] Nevada Avengers: The Initiative #12 (mentioned), #17 (shown) Heavy Hitters Hotel And Casino Prodigy[33] (L), Nonstop,[3] Telemetry[3] Hardball,[34] Gravity (L),[3] Outback[32]
U-Foes Suspended from the Initiative and incarcerated.[35] North Carolina Avengers: The Initiative #26 Member list
  • Notation: (L) Leader; (D) Deceased; (I) Infiltrator


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