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In 1998, Superman sees on TV reports of a nuclear blast in Kansas, and so travels there to find Captain Atom being attacked by Gog, who then turns his attention on Superman, expecting his arrival. Unable to stop Gog, Superman sees that his future counterpart as well as that of Batman and Wonder Woman have appeared on the scene. After Superman of the present summons his counterparts of Batman and Wonder Woman, the future team tries to let the present-day team know why they're here, and so offer their help to at least rescue Superman's child from Gog. But as the future era Superman and Wonder Woman see their child apparently "disappear" into "nonexistence", the latter of the two now seeks vengeance against Gog. Hunter appears and transports the heroes into Booster Gold's Planet Krypton restaurant in the present, where Hunter's other allies from the future era await to help. Hunter transports the entire restaurant into Hypertime, but Gog soon joins the heroes in battle, in which they engage him using all sorts of weapons found in the restaurant collected from all sorts of realities. Gog blasts the present-day Superman through a wall before he finally falls, causing the heroes to be sucked out into Hypertime, which they realize is the secret Hunter's been trying to hide: a multitude of alternate realities, which the future era heroes realize they are a part of. A figure resembling the Phantom Stranger, who turns out to be the older version of Superman and Wonder Woman's child, gives his infant self back to his parents, safe and sound. As the Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman of the present time are sent back to their own reality, the remaining heroes take Gog to the Quintessence in order to have them deal with their agent.

Meanwhile, the Superman seen pounding at some barrier over the sky of his Metropolis now finds out the barrier is gone. He can now fly beyond the sky to whatever is past the barrier. He gives a wink to the reader, suggesting that someday he will.


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  • The weapons in the Planet Krypton restaurant that were used against Gog include the Earth-One Phantom Zone projector, the power ring from Power Ring of Earth-Three, the Golden Age Sandman's gas gun, Jonah Hex's pistols, Atomic Knight's shield and sword, Green Arrow's bow and arrows, the Blue Devil's trident, and Orion's astro harness.
  • The Golden Age Superman is seen at the end of the story with the barrier of his "Earth-Two reality" removed. It was probably intended at the time that he is either the same figure as the one who entered the paradise dimension with his wife, Superboy-Prime, and Alexander Luthor Jr. at the end of Crisis On Infinite Earths #12, or simply a Superman of an alternate reality in Hypertime.
  • Other figures seen in Hypertime include characters from the Tangent universe (like the Joker, the Flash, and Power Girl) as well as from various Elseworld stories. The figure of Black Zero would appear in the Superboy Hypertension storyline as the main villain who is out to destroy Superboy in the various alternate realities.
  • Jonah Hex can be seen as a lifelike dummy inside Planet Krypton. This is a reference to the last Jonah Hex story, where circus owner L.B. Farnham steals his corpse and has him taxidermied to be put on display. That's no dummy, it's his actual corpse.[1]

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