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The Major Lied Till Dawn is a 1938 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Frank Tashlin.


A retired English major tells a young boy tales of his safari through Africa.


  • This episode ends with an elephant saying to himself what was he suppose to say. Then it ends with him saying That's All Folks. Then the words. title, and producer's name appear on top and bottom of him. But the That's All Folks scipt didn't appear or appear pre-written.
    • And the music goes high-pitched and faster than usual.
  • When the major ate some spinach, and grew stronger he references Popeye The Sailor from the cartoons of the same name.
  • He also references Popeye by saying, Well, if it's good enough for the sailor man, then it's good enough for me. He refers Popeye as the sailor man.
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