The New Casper Cartoon Show was a 1963 to 1969 animated television series that appeared on ABC's saturday morning schedule. The show featured older 1959-62 Famous Studios cartoons, mostly Noveltoons and "Modern Madcaps" which were shown as "Harveytoons", and 26 new Casper the Friendly Ghost episodes that were created specifically for this show (animated by Paramount Cartoon Studios), though all of them originally ran in the first 1963-1964 season. Several Minisodes of the show are available to view for free on Crackle. All voices in the Casper episodes were performed by Norma McMillan and Bradley Bolke.


# Title Summary
1 Greedy Giants
2 Red Robbing Hood
3 The Lonesome Giant
4 A Visit from Mars
5 Bedtime Troubles
6 Bored Billionaire
7 City Snicker
8 Cold Wave
9 Growing Up
10 Kings of Toyland
11 Little Lost Ghost
12 Mother Goose Land
13 Professor's Problem
14 Small Spooks
15 Super Spooks
16 The Absent-Minded Robot
17 The Enchanted Horse
18 The Heart of Gold
19 The Magic Touch
20 The Timid Knight
21 The Wandering Ghost
22 The Witching Hour
23 Twin Trouble
24 Weather or Not
25 Wendy's Wish

DVD release

On October 11, 2011, Shout! Factory will release Casper the Friendly Ghost: The Complete Collection 1945-1963 on DVD in Region 1.[1] The 3-disc set will feature 55 original theatrical cartoons as well as all 26 episodes from The New Casper Cartoon Show on DVD for the very first time. It will also contain extensive bonus features including a rare never-before-released episode.


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