The Programme
The Programme #1 (Dec 2007), art by C. P. Smith
Publication information
Publisher Wildstorm
Schedule Monthly
Format Limited series
Publication date September 2007 -
Number of issues 12
Creative team
Writer(s) Peter Milligan
Artist(s) C. P. Smith
Creator(s) Peter Milligan
Collected editions
Volume 1 ISBN 1-4012-1815-6
Volume 2 ISBN 1401219985

The Programme is a twelve-issue comic book limited series published by Wildstorm. All issues are written by Peter Milligan. All issues are drawn by C. P. Smith.


The comic builds upon the idea that during the Cold War the superpowers Russia and USA built super-powered beings that should be used in case of a war. The story takes place in modern times when these beings wake up.

Collected editions

There are two trade paperbacks that contain collected issues.

# Title ISBN Release date Collected material Cover Artist #Pages
1 Programme Vol. 1[1] ISBN 1-4012-1815-6 11 Jun 2008 issues 1-6 C. P. Smith 144
2 Programme Vol. 2 ISBN 1-4012-1998-5 23 Dec 2008 issues 7-12 C. P. Smith 144



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