The Quail Hunt
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit series

Oswald tries to shoot a quail.
Directed by Walter Lantz
Story by Walter Lantz
Vic McLeod
Music by James Dietrich
Animation by Fred Kopietz
Bill Mason
Ed Benedict
Ray Abrams
Studio Walter Lantz Productions
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s) September 23, 1935
Color process Black and white
Running time 5:45
Language English
Preceded by Amateur Broadcast
Followed by Monkey Wretches

The Quail Hunt is a short theatrical cartoon starring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. It is the 106th Oswald cartoon by Walter Lantz Productions and the 157th in the entire series.


Oswald and his dog Elmer the Great Dane are in the woods hunting for birds, especially quails. Though equipped with a boomstick, Oswald finds it difficult to take down a single quail as the fowls are quite clever. He even has problems trying not to get pushed back each time he fires his gun.

Heading further in the forest, Elmer chases a little quail. The dog follows until he naively runs past a cliff. Instead of letting the hound plummet into the ground, however, the little quail moves and breaks Elmer's fall. Elmer is most thankful and therefore befriends the small bird.

While things are going well for Elmer and the little quail, a hawk appears before them and sets sights on the tiny bird. As the hawk goes for a strike, Elmer struggles to defend his little friend. Eventually, the hawk and the dog collide into each other, resulting the buzzard being naked and Elmer covered in feathers.

Oswald finally shows up at the scene. Thinking the dog is a turkey due to the latter's feathery exterior, Oswald fires his gun at Elmer, blowing the feathers off. He then notices the little quail, and therefore begins shooting at it too. Elmer immediately intervenes and tells him the small bird is now friends with them. Elmer then embraces Oswald and the little quail in both arms.

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