"The Trial of Superman"
Cover of Superman: The Man of Steel 50 (Nov 1995).Art by Jon Bogdanove.
Publisher DC Comics
Publication date November 1995 – January 1996


Main character(s) Superman
Collected editions
(softcover) ISBN 1-56389-331-2

"The Trial of Superman" was a long, multi-part story arc published between the various Superman titles: Action Comics # 716-717, Adventures of Superman # 529-531, Superman (Vol. 2) # 106-108, Superman: The Man of Steel # 50-52, and Superman: The Man of Tomorrow # 3. This storyline was later collected as a trade paperback (DC Comics, 257 pages, 1997, ISBN 1-56389-331-2).

Weakened after a titanic battle with the monstrous villain Parasite, Superman inexplicably finds himself shackled and under arrest by a group of intergalactic officers. Taken to another galaxy, the Man of Steel has his powers negated and is instantly put on trial by a fearsome alien tribunal. Discovering that one of his relatives contributed to the annihilation of the Kryptonian race, Superman is found guilty of the crime due to ancestry and sentenced to death. Now with his powers depleted and the jury in, Superman, with the help of Superboy, Steel, Eradictor, Supergirl, Alpha Centurion, and a mysterious fellow prisoner called Mope must find a way to escape his sentence before his execution; but the alien tribunal has enlisted the help of the Cyborg Hank Henshaw to prevent Superman from escaping due punishment.

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