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Featured Characters:

Animal Man (Volume 1):

Chiaroscuro: The Private Lives of Leonardo da Vinci (Volume 1):

The Books of Magic (Volume 2):

Death: The Time of Your Life (Volume 1):

Egypt (Volume 1):

Enigma (Volume 1):

Goddess (Volume 1):

Hellblazer (Volume 1):

Invisibles (Volume 1):

Jonah Hex:

Millennium Fever (Volume 1):

Farewell, Moonshadow:

Preacher (Volume 1):

Sandman (Volume 2):

Sandman Mystery Theatre (Volume 1):

Shade the Changing Man (Volume 2):

Shadows Fall (Volume 1):

Vamps: Hollywood & Vein (Volume 1):

Swamp Thing (Volume 2):

Witchcraft (Volume 1):

The Dreaming (Volume 1):

The Horrorist (Volume 1):

House of Secrets (Volume 2):

Industrial Gothic (Volume 1):

Mythos: The Final Tour (Volume 1):

Vertigo Visions: The Phantom Stranger #1:

Seekers into the Mystery (Volume 1):

Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess' Stardust (Volume 1):

The System (Volume 1):

Terminal City (Volume 1):

Synopsis for "Gallery"Edit

Dreams and nightmares envisioned


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