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The Whoopee Party is a black and white Mickey Mouse animated short. It was released in 1932.


In the film, Mickey and the gang are throwing a party for all of their friends. Minnie and Clarabelle perform a song while Mickey, Horace, and Goofy (known at this time as Dippy Dawg) are in the kitchen preparing some refreshments. Once the refreshments are finished and distributed, an energetic jam session breaks out that causes the guests and even inanimate objects to dance to the music. As the cartoon ends, police officers arrive to seemingly put an end to the party, but end up joining it instead.


Home video releases


  • Mickey Mouse: The Black and White Years - Volume One



  • In his first screen appearance since his debut as an audience member in Mickey's Revue earlier that year, Dippy Dawg/Goofy first takes on the role of a predominant member of Mickey's gang. His design had also been changed to look younger and more clean-shaven. This design would more or less be consistent on film until the 1935 Mickey Mouse Cartoon On Ice.
  • Some of the animation of Mickey dancing with a lady pig in this film was originally used in the 1930 Mickey Mouse Cartoon The Shindig.
  • In 2002, this short appeared as part of the "Dennis the Duck" episode of House of Mouse.


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