Thor is the god of thunder in ancient Norse mythology and the son of the Norse chieftan of the gods, Odin. In Marvel Comics cosmology, Thor was banished to Earth in the 20th century in the form of the mortal Dr Don Blake, a lame physician, by Odin, in order to teach him humility. He only remembered who he was when Blake found the mystic hammer Mjolnir in a cave in Norway and used the power of Thor to repel an alien invasion after being transformed back into his true self. Blake continued to exist as Thor's mortal alter ego. Thor later became a founding member of the Avengers and remains active as a superhero. His arch enemy is his foster brother Loki, god of evil, who was inadvertently responsible for the Avengers' creation. Marvel's Thor was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Solo title


Thor, or The Mighty Thor, was a weekly title published by Marvel UK from 20th April 1983 until 11th January 1984 (39 issues), although it was actually retitled Thor and X-Men with issue #20 when it absorbed failing sister title X-Men. All content was reprinted from American Marvel titles The Mighty Thor and, after the merger, X-Men. On 18th January 1984, the Thor and X-Men strips were transferred into the pages of Spider-Man. The first two issues of Thor contained free gifts, a "space spinner" and a Thor sticker, respectively. Most issues also contained pull-out posters in the centre pages, a common feature in Marvel UK titles of the time.

  • The proclamation "every page in great Marvel colour" on the covers was actually a bit of a cheat, since "Marvel colour" in this case meant two-tone rather than full colour a lot of the time.

Other Marvel UK appearances

Aside from his solo title, Thor was also a long running back-up feature in Spider-Man Weekly at several times during its 666-issue run, and also featured in several other titles including Valour, the Valour Winter Special, Marvel Action, The Titans, Marvel Team-Up, The Super-Heroes Annual and Captain America. He also appeared/appears regularly in the various Avengers titles published by Marvel UK and in more recent years by Panini. He also featured in Mystic, a title published by L.Miller and Son.

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