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    Appearing in Tales of Asgard, Home of the Mighty Norse Gods!: The "Summons!"Edit

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Synopsis for Tales of Asgard, Home of the Mighty Norse Gods!: The "Summons!"Edit

Continued from last issue...

With Loki captured by Ula, Queen of the Flying Trolls, Thor has journeyed to her base the Hive Of Stone to try diplomacy in retrieving his captive step-brother. Ula demands that Thor become her consort and rule along side her, less she kill all those aboard his ship. This is a demand that Loki suggests Thor comply with as well, hoping to use it as a means to get rid of his half-brother.

Before Thor can make a decision, there is a blinding flash of light that allows Thor to escape with Loki and return to their ship. There they find that the Warriors Three were fitting the crew to go on a rescue mission for Thor and Loki. When two returning leaders relate the story, Thor theorizes that the only one who could have came to their rescue and cause the blinding flash was Odin himself.

In answer to this, Odin's image suddenly appears, Odin informs them that their quest is done and that they may return to Asgard.

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