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  • Vili - Flashback of prior Ragnarok
  • Ve - Flashback of prior Ragnarok
  • Vali - Flashback of prior Ragnarok
  • Hoenir - Flashback of prior Ragnarok
  • Magni - Flashback of prior Ragnarok
  • Modi - Flashback of prior Ragnarok
  • Vidar - Flashback of prior Ragnarok
  • Balder - Flashback of prior Ragnarok
  • Hoder - Flashback of prior Ragnarok


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  • in Matt Fraction's Thor-Trilogy from 2008 (Ages of Thunder, Reign of Blood and Man of War Enchantress is Idun (written with just one "n" in those Books); Amora doesn't exist in Norse Mythology
  • in the Legends Idunn was not promised to the Frost Giants Fafnir and Fasolt for building Valhalla but, instead it was Freyja who was promised to Hrimthur of the Hrimthursar who build Asgard (in Fraction's Stories it was also Idun/Enchantress)
  • in the Legends Loki managed to sabotage Hrimthur's efforts as he took the Form of a Mare to ensnare Hrimthur's Steed Svadilfari later giving Birth to Odin's Steed Sleipnir
  • there is a Footnote in this Book which says, that Freya is the teutonic Name for Idunn, this is not true as they are two different Deities, they are however both revered as Goddesses of Fertility, Freyja (Daughter of Niördr) also is the Goddess of Love, Luck and the Spring while Idunn (Daughter of Ivaldi) is also the Goddess of Youth
  • Frey or Freyr is the Brother of Freyja, not Idunn, Freyja is both Brother and Sister to Frey in Norse Mythology, Frey is God of Fertility (they just love it methinks) and Vegetation
  • there are no Giants named Fafnir and Fasolt in Norse Mythology, only Fafner the Dragon whos Origin is a little different from that in the Comics
  • both Frey and Freyja are of Vanir Heritage
  • since I'm at it anyway: in Norse Mythology Laufey is not Loki's Father but his Mother, his Father is Farbaut


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