"Throne of Atlantis"
Publisher DC Comics

"Throne of Atlantis" is a comic book narrative story arc created and published by DC Comics in 2013. The arc consists of five issues from DC's Justice League and Aquaman publications.[1] The arc is part of a larger buildup towards DC's "Trinity War" event.[2]


A Navy warship incites the wrath of the Atlanteans after its missiles malfunction during a test and end up attacking Atlantis. Ocean Master, the new king of Atlantis, declare war on the surface world. While they are in a café in Metropolis, Superman and Wonder Woman are forced to suit up and stop an aircraft carrier from flooding into the city and killing thousands of people. In the battle that follows the Justice League is captured, save Cyborg. He realizes they need help and calls in help from Green Arrow, Hawkman, Zatanna, Firestorm and more. The Heroes stop Ocean Master and figure out that Aquaman's assistant Vulko was behind the bombing so Arthur would take the throne once again.[3]


  • Justice League (vol. 2) #15–17
  • Aquaman (vol. 7) #14–16


Comic Book Resources's Doug Zawisza rated Justice League #15 4.5/5 stars: "This is what Justice League should and can be: heroic adventures, world-threatening calamities and human interaction. Johns has found his stride on this book and it certainly helps that the art team of Reis, Prado and Reis have come along for the adventure."[4]


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