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Appearing in "Beyond Redemption"

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Synopsis for "Beyond Redemption"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • Atlas revealed to be trapped at giant size and drained of ionic energy. Incapable of talking or even opening his eyes. Next appeares in Last Defenders #1
  • Smuggler's shadowforce harness revealed to be destroyed beyond repair.
  • Mach-4's armor also revealed to have suffered massive damage.
  • Dallas Riordan revealed to have regained the use of her legs thanks to Atlas thinking of her as his ionic energy was drained.
  • Blizzard's costume revealed to have been demolished.
  • Joystick sent to Negative Zone prison for betraying team and all humanity.
  • Baron Zemo missing in action.
  • Speed Demon escaped SHIELD custody after the battle from the previous issue.
  • Moonstone revived from coma.
  • Radioactive Man revealed to have partially lost control of his radioactive powers.
  • Fixer and Mach-4 offered jobs as tech-support for the government.

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