Appearing in "Time Won't Let Me"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Adam Weishaupt (Appears in flashback and main story)
  • Daniel G. Hunter (Behind the scenes)
  • Jack Soo (Appears in flashback and main story)
  • Rip Hunter's grandfather (Single appearance)[1] (Appears in flashback and main story)
  • S. Hasan (Single appearance)[1] (Behind the scenes) (Flashback and main story) (Death)
  • Trixie Collins (Appears in flashback and main story)


  • Persia (Appears in flashback and main story)



Synopsis for "Time Won't Let Me"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • Captions indicate that "the present" is 1990 which is also the year of publication.
  • This issue includes a two-page editorial by writer Bob Wayne.
  • The Doctor Carson that Bonnie was having an affair with is actually geology professor and adventurer Cave Carson.
  • The schematics for Rip Hunter's new Time Packs are shown in this issue, but they are not fully revealed until issue #2.


  • The title of this issue, "Time Won't Let Me", is also the name of a song referenced by Bonnie Baxter in this issue. In the scene, Bonnie states that the song was originally recorded by a group called the Outsiders (not to be confused with the super-hero team, the Outsiders).
  • The vanity plate of Rip Hunter's Porsche reads "Time-1".
  • A flashback reveals young Rip reading a letter written by his ancestor Daniel G. Hunter. Daniel G. Hunter is the 18th century adventurer known as Tomahawk.

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