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Titans Island is located in the East River off the shore of Manhattan island. It was the site of the first and second Titans Tower, and was the base of operations for the second incarnation of the Teen Titans. Following the destruction of the first Titans Tower during the "Titans Hunt", New York City councilwoman Elizabeth Alderman initiated an injunction, barring the Titans from using the island. Shortly thereafter, a conqueror from an alternate timeline named Lord Chaos erected a pyramid temple on the island, which became his base of operations during the "Total Chaos" affair. After the Titans relocated to San Francisco, California, Deathstroke the Terminator forged his own team of young heroes, Titans East, and erected a macabre effigy of the original Titans Tower on the island.


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  • In the Cartoon version of Teen Titans, Titans Island or known as "Titans Tower" was located in Jump City.
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