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Titans Liberty Island Base

Harvey2.jpg Official Name
Titans Liberty Island Base
Harvey2.jpg Aliases
Liberty Island HQ

Location Details
Harvey2.jpg Galaxy
Harvey2.jpg Star System
Harvey2.jpg Planet
Harvey2.jpg State
Harvey2.jpg Locale
Liberty State Park

Harvey2.jpg Dimensions
0.098437 sq mi
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Following the Titans Hunt, Nightwing left the team, leaving Arsenal in charge. In exchange for agreeing to work for the government under Sarge Steel, the New Titans' pending lawsuits were suspended, and they took up a base on earth at the request of the president.
That earth-base was located within the former Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal on Liberty Island. The five-story building housed a conference room, computer rooms, a gym, and bedrooms for each member. It also featured an advanced telecommunications system, using the satellite USS Argus as a link.
The headquarters was abandoned after Sarge Steel cut the team's funding, and the Titans were forced to disband.



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