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Titans Tower is a T-Shaped steel and glass structure located just off San Francisco Bay in San Francisco, California. It is the headquarters of the third incarnation of the Teen Titans and is also the third structure to share the name Titans Tower. The Tower was designed and built by Victor Stone and patterned after the original Titans Tower which was designed by his father Silas Stone. Titans Tower has been the scene of several battles between the Titans and their foes. When Jason Todd returned from the dead and assumed the guise of the Red Hood, he broke into Titans Tower and engaged in a prolonged battle with his successor Robin - a battle which resulted in massive collateral damage.[1] Later, a group of villains calling themselves the Terror Titans raided the tower and ambushed the only Titan member present, Ravager. Ravager succeeded in saving the lives of two of the tower's guest, Wendy and Marvin, but the Terror Titans set off explosives that destroyed many of the tower's upper levels, including the guest quarters.[2] Former team member Cyborg was called back to San Francisco to facilitate repairs on the 15th floor.

Points of Interest

  • Ground Floor: The ground floor included the Memorial hall, honoring past Titans who had fallen in battle. The walls aligning this vast corridor were accented with effigies of various deceased Titans including Superboy, Dove, Pantha, Kole and Terra.
  • Twelfth Floor: The twelfth floor of Titans Tower contained the residential areas, recreational areas and kitchen. This floor required massive renovation after Kid Devil held a huge party at the Tower.
  • Fifteenth Floor: The fifteenth floor is the residential hall and includes personal quarters and guest rooms.
  • Subbasement, Level Four: This was the training room/gymnasium where the Titans honed their combat techniques every day.


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