Tom and Jerry Golden Collection is a series of two-disc DVD and Blu-ray sets, currently in production by Warner Home Video. The releases are expected to be uncut and in chronological order. The first volume was released on October 25, 2011, and features 37 shorts (roughly one-third of the 114 Hanna-Barbera produced/directed shorts).[1] The second volume, which will feature 42 shorts, was initially scheduled to be released on June 11, 2013, but was later postponed indefinitely.[2][3][4]

Differences with Spotlight Collection

Warner Home Video had previously released the majority of the original 114 Hanna-Barbera produced/directed shorts in the Spotlight Collection over three volumes. The primary differences between the Spotlight Collection and the Golden Collection is that the latter was intended to feature the shorts in chronological order and completely uncensored. Also, due to most of the original pre-1951 MGM cartoon negatives having been destroyed in the 1967 MGM Vault fire, the Golden Collection features new, restored transfers from CRI negative elements, as opposed to the Turner TV broadcast prints previously used. The Golden Collection is being released on both DVD and Blu-ray (the latter restored to HD quality), whereas the Spotlight Collection was only available on DVD. Lastly, according to Jerry Beck on his March 2012 appearance on Stu's Show, the Golden Collection series will feature the Gene Deitch and Chuck Jones entries.

Although the shorts are presented digitally restored (just like how it was shown in the movie theaters), however, because many of the original pre-1951 MGM cartoon negatives are destroyed in the 1967 MGM Vault fire, not all the pre-1951 Tom and Jerry cartoons could be presented in pristine condition. In the first volume, a handful of shorts appear with washed out colors and grainy picture although digitally remastered; Puss n' Toots, The Bowling Alley Cat, Sufferin' Cats!, The Lonesome Mouse, The Zoot Cat, The Million Dollar Cat, Puttin' on the Dog, Mouse Trouble, Quiet Please!, and The Milky Waif.

Volume 2 Controversy

It had been announced that Mouse Cleaning would be available on the Tom and Jerry Golden Collection - Volume 2 on DVD and Blu-ray, with the short being presented uncut, uncensored, and restored from its original nitrate elements that had been recently discovered.[5] The set was originally scheduled to be released on June 11, 2013. However, on February 6, 2013, it was announced by that Mouse Cleaning was not a part of the list of cartoons set to be on the release, as well as the cartoon Casanova Cat, which was also skipped over on the Spotlight Collection, Volume 3 DVD release in 2007 (both cartoons are accused of featuring controversial content, specifically allegedly racial stereotypes of the time in which they were originally produced).[6] Many collectors and fans proceeded to post negative reviews of the product on Amazon and other various websites in protest. In addition, Jerry Beck, who already wrote liner notes for both shorts for the release, was shocked to hear about the omissions, saying that he wrote notes for both cartoons and that they were supposed to be included on the set.[7] When asked for an interview request, a Warner Bros. spokesperson said “The company felt that certain content would be inappropriate for the intended audience and therefore excluded several shorts."[8] However, on April 1, 2013, the second set was confirmed to be delayed indefinitely.[9] As of December 2014, Volume 2 has yet to be released on DVD and Blu-ray.


Golden Collection, Vol. 1

Volume One was released on October 25, 2011. All of the shorts are shown in their original 1.37:1 aspect ratio.[1]

Disc 1

  1. Puss Gets the Boot
  2. The Midnight Snack
  3. The Night Before Christmas
  4. Fraidy Cat
  5. Dog Trouble
  6. Puss n' Toots
  7. The Bowling Alley Cat
  8. Fine Feathered Friend
  9. Sufferin' Cats!
  10. The Lonesome Mouse
  11. The Yankee Doodle Mouse
  12. Baby Puss
  13. The Zoot Cat
  14. The Million Dollar Cat
  15. The Bodyguard
  16. Puttin' on the Dog
  17. Mouse Trouble
  18. The Mouse Comes to Dinner
  19. Mouse in Manhattan
  20. Tee for Two

Special features

  • The Midnight Snack pencil test
  • Commentaries by Animators and Historians on five titles [10]
  1. Mark Kausler on Puss Gets the Boot
  2. Nicole Parker and Earl Kress on Puss Gets the Boot
  3. Michael Mallory on The Night Before Christmas
  4. Nicole Parker and Earl Kress on The Night Before Christmas
  5. Michael Mallory on The Yankee Doodle Mouse
  6. Jerry Beck on The Zoot Cat
  7. Michael Mallory on Mouse Trouble

Disc 2

  1. Flirty Birdy
  2. Quiet Please!
  3. Springtime for Thomas
  4. The Milky Waif
  5. Trap Happy
  6. Solid Serenade
  7. Cat Fishin'
  8. Part Time Pal
  9. The Cat Concerto
  10. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse
  11. Salt Water Tabby
  12. A Mouse in the House
  13. The Invisible Mouse
  14. Kitty Foiled
  15. The Truce Hurts
  16. Old Rockin' Chair Tom
  17. Professor Tom

Special features

  • Vaudeville, Slapstick and Tom and Jerry featurette (HD quality) [11]
  • How Bill and Joe Met Tom and Jerry featurette
  • The Comedy Stylings of Tom and Jerry featurette
  • Excerpt from Anchors Aweigh
  • Commentaries by Animators and Historians on four titles [10]
  1. Mark Kausler on Quiet Please!
  2. Eric Goldberg on The Cat Concerto
  3. Michael Mallory on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse
  4. Nicole Parker and Earl Kress on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse
  5. Jerry Beck on Kitty Foiled

Golden Collection, Vol. 2

Volume Two was scheduled for release on June 11, 2013 before it was delayed indefinitely.

Disc 1

  1. Mouse Cleaning
  2. Polka-Dot Puss
  3. The Little Orphan
  4. Hatch Up Your Troubles
  5. Heavenly Puss
  6. The Cat and the Mermouse
  7. Love That Pup
  8. Jerry's Diary
  9. Tennis Chumps
  10. Little Quacker
  11. Saturday Evening Puss
  12. Texas Tom
  13. Jerry and the Lion
  14. Safety Second
  15. Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl
  16. The Framed Cat
  17. Cue Ball Cat
  18. Casanova Cat
  19. Jerry and the Goldfish
  20. Jerry's Cousin
  21. Sleepy-Time Tom

Disc 2

  1. His Mouse Friday
  2. Slicked-up Pup
  3. Nit-Witty Kitty
  4. Cat Napping
  5. The Flying Cat
  6. The Duck Doctor
  7. The Two Mouseketeers
  8. Smitten Kitten
  9. Triplet Trouble
  10. Little Runaway
  11. Fit to Be Tied
  12. Push-Button Kitty
  13. Cruise Cat
  14. The Dog House
  15. The Missing Mouse
  16. Jerry and Jumbo
  17. Johann Mouse
  18. That's My Pup!
  19. Just Ducky
  20. Two Little Indians
  21. Life with Tom

Special features

  • Animal Hijinks: The Friends and Foes of Tom and Jerry featurette[3]
  • Behind the Tunes: The MGM Orchestra featurette
  • Animators as Actors featurette
  • Cat and Mouse: The Tale of Tom and Jerry featurette
  • Commentaries by Animators and Historians on Eight Cartoons
  • Excerpt from Dangerous When Wet


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