Torso 01.jpg
Cover of the first issue
Publication information
Publisher Image Comics
Schedule Irregular
Format Limited series
Genre Crime
Publication date October 1998 - September 1999
Number of issues 6
Creative team
Writer(s) Brian Michael Bendis
Marc Andreyko
Artist(s) Brian Michael Bendis
Letterer(s) Brian Michael Bendis
Creator(s) Brian Michael Bendis
Marc Andreyko
Collected editions
Torso ISBN 1-58240-697-9

Torso is a true crime comic book limited series written by Brian Michael Bendis and Marc Andreyko, with art and lettering by Brian Michael Bendis. It is based on the true story of the Cleveland Torso Murderer.

Publication history

Torso was originally published as a six-issue limited series by Image Comics.


Torso tells the story of the real life "Torso Murderer", a serial killer who was active during 1934 to 1938. He received his nickname because he left only the torsos of his victims. Without fingerprints or dental records, these victims were very difficult to identify in a time before DNA testing. The investigator on the case was Eliot Ness, Cleveland Safety Director and former head of the Untouchables.

Collected editions

The series was collected in a trade paperback, Torso: A True Crime Graphic Novel (ISBN 1582406979 ), in 2001, and also published by Image.


Torso was winner of the 1999 Eisner Award for "Comic Book Excellence, Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition".[1]


On January 12, 2006, Variety reported that director David Fincher would be directing a film version of Torso for Paramount Pictures. The producers are Bill Mechanic, Don Murphy, Todd McFarlane and Terry Fitzgerald. Screenwriter Ehren Kruger is set to adapt the series.[2]

In a September 27, 2009 unedited episode of Fanboy Radio, Bendis confirmed the Torso film which had been greenlit had been canceled and the rights have reverted to Bendis. The story of the failed attempt to make the film was told in Bendis's autobiographical graphic novel, Fortune and Glory.



Torso (Image Comics)
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