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Trap Happy Porky is a Looney Tunes short starring Porky Pig, along with Hubie and Bertie, an early design of Claude Cat, and a prototype Hector the Bulldog. It was directed by Chuck Jones, written by Tedd Pierce, and produced by Edward Selzer.


Porky is trying to get some sleep, but mice Hubie & Bertie are down there stealing food and breaking stuff. He tries to get them with a simple mouse trap but fails. He then gets a cat and it throws the mice out with his contraption. Porky keeps the cat and goes to sleep, but the cat invites other cats. Porky buys a bulldog from town to get rid of them, but the dog sings with the cats instead. Porky ends singing along with them.


Trap Happy Porky is available uncut, and restored with its original opening and closing titles on Looney Tunes Mouse Chronicles: The Chuck Jones Collection.

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