Trenin The First
Trenin on a hunt - from The First #1
Publication information
Publisher CrossGen Entertainment
First appearance The First
Created by Mark Alessi, Gina M. Villa
In-story information
Alter ego Trenin
Species Demi-God
Team affiliations House Dexter
Abilities Super strength, Super determination, Tracking, Advanced technology, Teleportation, Flight

Trenin is a character from CrossGen Entertainment's Sigilverse. He appeared in The First and in Sigil. He appears as a huge, massive bear of a man who is always scowling.

Character details

Trenin was one of the seven key powers among The First, self-styled gods of their galaxy. Trenin was intended to be the personification of determination or persistence. He was a friend of Pyrem but Trenin is much more judgmental than Pyrem.

Trenin demands justice and he is not forgiving. Although he was one of the first of the gods, he never seems to have taken a lover and seems not to have any close friends (perhaps Yala and Pyrem are his only friends). However he is respected by some of the younger gods and several are willing to follow Trenin into battle against Seahn. Like Yala he trains many of the younger gods by taking them on hunts (though who or what they are hunting is somewhat mysterious).

Like Pyrem, Trenin seems largely uninterested in the source of the Sigil-Bearers though he does take an interest in Samandahl Rey (of Sigil). For unexplained reasons, when Trenin appears near Sam Rey's worlds, Trenin is in command of a highly advanced starship which uses a new type of space drive. This is curious because the First seem to have no interest in technology. Using the power of his sigil, Sam Ray drives Trenin off this ship and then merges it with his own ship to create something new. Sam's friend Roiya Sintor (a ghostly entity) investigates the computer system of Trenin's ship and finds the design for its improved space drive. This information is successfully used by Sam's lover Zanniati Oribatta as a bargaining chip with the human government.

The Great Hunt

Trenin took it upon himself to hunt down and bring to justice Tulity, one of the First who attempted to assassinate Altwaal (she killed Raamia instead). Since Tulity would not surrender, he killed her and brought her head back to the council after a hunt that lasted 200 years. Early in the hunt, Trenin found Tulity but did not kill her as she was pregnant. She escaped from him and gave birth to a child, named Seahn.

Trenin found Seahn and raised him as a father. However, he was rather brutal in his emotional treatment of Seahn and never really trusted Seahn given his background.

Trenin makes several attempts to kill Seahn but the last attempt (in the final episode) is a failure (the wound from Trenin's axe heals nearly instantly). Seahn says to him "I don't think I am something you can kill anymore Trenin."

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