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| HistoryText = There are two Tridents associated with Neptune, god of the seas and the Atlanteans.

The Trident is a magical weapon that grants its wielder great power and the divine right to rule the sea. The original Trident of Neptune was forged by the cyclopes out of admantine and Neptune's own essence. It can manipulate and conjure water, as well as disperse energy in the form of bolts and forcefields. The Trident of Neptune may be used by his chosen champions, and was most recently wielded by Aquaman. The Trident beholds a vast number of magical powers such as the power to command the sea (making tidal waves or whirlpools or even making columns of water to stand on), control the weather (summoning rain or storms or creating rainbows), unleash blasts of lightning, transform living creatures into other forms, and it can also make things disappear.

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