Trolley Troubles is the first short in the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit short subject series, released in 1927. It was the first released, though the second produced. The pilot short, Poor Papa, was not well received by the Universal Pictures staff. Poor Papa was eventually released in 1928. The short was re-released by Universal with music and sound in 1931.


Oswald is in charge of running a trolley. Today's ride, however, will result in messed-up tracks, a shut-down train and a nasty crash into a pool.

Home video releases



Trolley Troubles is one of transition levels in Epic Mickey, set as one of the three trials Mickey must go through before meeting Oswald himself. A major difference in the level is that, while the cow refused to move and Oswald ended up squeezing underneath her in the cartoon, Mickey can hit a switch that spooks the cow into running off, allowing the trolley to continue.


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