Turos of Meridian

First Appearance: Meridian 1

Turos was Sephie's father, and the Minister of Meridian. He was raised on Meridian, the older son of the Minister. He fell in love with Ideria Garsken, the daughter of a major shipbuilding family. After spending some time fighting over her with his brother, Ilahn, she chose Turos, and the two began a journey to the surface. Both Turos and Ideria wanted to see the world, wanted to explore, and were in no hurry to settle down in Meridian. Sephie was born some time later.

Many years later, after Ideria's death, Turos was visited by a bird, who granted him a Sigil. However, due to the poisons his brother had been secretly slipping him, the shock of receiving so much power killed him. The Sigil was then passed to Sephie, along with the Ministership.

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