Twisto the Rubberman

Real Name
Current Alias
Twisto the Rubberman
Lilli the Lion Tamer (wife) (deceased)

Marital Status
Circus Performer
First appearance
Appearance of Death

Quote1.png Why you fugitive from a straight jacket! Get 'em up 'an hear the birdies! Quote2.png
-- Alec Ben "Looney " Lunar (Steel Sterling's Pal)


Twisto the Rubberman was a circus performer who took over the mortgage of a circus he worked for. He was able to buy it on the cheap, because he killed off the other performers, and the owner didn't want to be his next victim. When he confessed to his wife, Lilli the Lion Tamer, about what he was doing, she protested and then was promptly killed too.

After murdering his wife, Twisto became "crazed" about all the troubles that "beautiful women" have caused him. They were now his enemies. He searched out "beauty" and found Dora Cummings milling about the circus. He professed his love for her, knocked her out and dragged her inside his tent. When he was about to plunge a knife in her, Steel Sterling came to her rescue. Twisto was cuffed and sent to prison, but he escaped by twisting himself through the bars.

On the lamb, he went back to the circus and enlisted the help of Inferno and Hefto (fellow performers) to start a gang, and try to kill Steel Sterling.

The murder plot against Sterling failed and Twisto decided he didn't want to be in a gang anymore. He wanted to go solo again and this made his friend, Inferno, upset.

Unknown to him, and not being a clever crook, Twisto "twisted" his face into another wanted criminal — (Pig Pan Wood). As Inferno continued to hide from the police, Twisto would walk the streets thinking he was a free man. Unfortunately for him, Steel Sterling and Officer Clancy spotted him and shot him thinking he was the real Pig Pan Wood.

Character Powers and Equipment

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Elasticity: He can stretch his limbs and neck, but not to great or superhuman lengths.
  • Malleability : he can completely control the distortion and twisting of his face.



  • Knife:

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