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Iron Man battles Bram Velsing, the man who purchased the stolen Stark tech data from Doctor Faustus. After a quick and embarrassing fight, Velsing surrenders. Unfortunately for Velsing, Iron Man isn't looking for a prisoner, and after getting the information on where Velsing sold the Iron Man technology (the British), Iron Man lets him die in his suit. Going to England, Iron Man finds out that the British Police have used the technology to make an army of anti-riot squads, to hold up protests from the government's environmental choices. Tony Stark quickly gets into his damaged Iron Man suit, and gives his partner, Justine Hammer, a specific mission to help in the attack.

Iron Man flies down to the streets of Britain, where he finds all the riot Police in modified Iron Man suits. Iron Man immediately attacks them, but is unaware of what weapons they possess. The Police attack, and the battle quickly engages in explosives and bullets. The fight goes up to the sky, as Iron Man flees from incoming rockets. Iron Man tries to contact Justine, but doesn't get a response. As he is able to hold off the police, killing most of them, Iron Man flies low through the city. Getting shot at once again, Iron Man appears to be losing the upper-hand, if he ever even had one. Looking away to his attackers for a second, and then looking to back to the direction he was flying, he comes face-to-face once again, with the Ghost. The Ghost is able to knock Iron Man off-balance, and Iron Man skips off a few buildings, falling into the river...


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  • Tony Stark goes toe-to-toe with his deadliest creations! Can the man that created every version of IRON MAN armor defeat all of them at the SAME TIME???


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