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Quote1.png He worshipped you people. You know that, don't you? He thought of you as--as the knights of the round table. He put on that costume to be like you. He wanted to earn a place at your table. And you people come into his life--He--you promised to train him? And what did you do? Nothing!! He was fine before he met you. He was doing fine. Quote2.png
-- May Parker

Appearing in "Spider-Man No More (Part II)"

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Synopsis for "Spider-Man No More (Part II)"

When Captain America tells Aunt May that Spider-Man "wasn't ready to be one of the Ultimates" and that the gunshot was meant for him, Aunt May scolds the unsatisfied Captain America for making the decision that cost her the life of Peter Parker. Ironically, Aunt May manages to find condolence from J. Jonah Jameson. The grievances are reached in different ways ranging from Thor and Rogue. Meanwhile, Mary Jane plans her retribution stating that Nick Fury and his team of superheroes are responsible for Spider-Man's death.

Solicit Synopsis

The End before The Beginning.


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