Quote1.png Beetle! Hey, I like that. Beetle. It just came to me!! Not like Paul McCartney. You know, like a bug. Quote2.png
-- Spider-Man

Appearing in "War of the Symbiotes: Part 2"Edit

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Synopsis for "War of the Symbiotes: Part 2"Edit

Months ago, Spider-Man defeated the Rhino in the Brooklyn Yards. After leaving, Spider-Man felt some unexplainable pain in his head. He then swing from Brooklyn as Eddie Brock watches him from an alley way.

On the next day in Midtown High, Peter Parker talks to Mary Jane Watson of not feeling that pain anymore, but is dismay in learning that while he fought the Rhino, Peter's costume showed a tear to his rear-end that reveal his butt in which is posted online by amateur footage. Mary Jane comforts Peter and reassure him that she was very impress of him in facing the Rhino.

That night while patrolling New York City, Spider-Man notice a man flying in armor that resemble an insect: the Beetle. Spider-Man makes a greeting to the Beetle but he attempts to escape from him. After the Beetle appears to believe that he escape from Spider-Man, he is surprisingly greeted again by the hero. The Beetle then fires twin plasma tracking rounds at Spider-Man as he makes his escape. Spider-Man narrowly avoids the plasma rounds and successfully disables the corporeal rounds by webbing them. The Beetle slowly flies over the city and Spider-Man lands on his back. The Beetle tries to shake him off and then narrowly blasting him off with his wrist-mounted energy weapon. Spider-Man then attach to the Beetle with his web, but the Beetle slices the web. The Beetle then hurriedly flies to his objective, the Roxxon building. Spider-Man manages to follow the Beetle as he watches him examining the building and then phasing through it.

In a research room with a storage chamber, the Beetle approaches the chamber and retrieve a vial of black substance. Spider-Man looks on the Beetle's handiwork until a security guard enters the room and encounters the Beetle. Spider-Man quickly breaks into the room and stopping the Beetle from killing the guard. As the two battle, Spider-Man inadvertently cause the Beetle to drop the vial he is after with his webshooters. The Beetle paralyze Spider-Man with plasma and immediately depart without the ruined sample. After Spider-Man free from the plasma which dissipates, he notice the spilled vial and it's contents. As arriving Roxxon security forces arrive, Spider-Man fled the building.

On the next day at the Daily Bugle, at his workstation, Peter calls Mary Jane of his encounter with the Beetle and what he is after from Roxxon. He notices that while he looks up Roxxon on the internet, the country of Latveria seems to be involve with the company. Peter then receives another call, revealing to be Nick Fury who wants to see him on the Bugle's rooftop.

On the Daily Bugle's rooftop, Peter and Nick Fury converse on Peter's encounter with the Beetle. Fury informs Peter that S.H.I.E.L.D. and himself presently don't know what the Beetle's intention was, and the only information is that he has connection to Latveria. Furthermore, it is given that the situation with the Beetle is a international incident and favors Peter not to be involve in the investigation. After Peter comply to Fury's demand and leave the rooftop, a SHIELD agent ask Fury if Peter will "behave" in which Fury replies that he won't. The agent then see's that Fury intentionally wants Peter to be involve, in which Fury amusingly replies "yep".

Flash-forward to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Venom have reverted back to a weaken Eddie Brock as Sable and the Wild Pack converges on Eddie and Spider-Man. Sable orders the Wild Pack to capture only Brock. As Spider-Man huddles on the pavement, Sable thanks him for his "assist(ance)", and departs with the Wild Pack in their vehicle.


  • Though the Beetle doesn't identify himself as the "Beetle" in his first appearance, Spider-Man was the only person to name him "Beetle".


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