All-American Comics Vol 1 8.jpg
All-American Comics #8 (Nov. 1939), cover art by Jon L. Blummer (as Don Shelby)
Publication information
Publisher All-American Publications
First appearance (Gary Concord, Sr.) All-American Comics #8 (Nov. 1939
(Gary Concord Jr.) All-American Comics #9 (Dec. 1939)
Created by Jon L. Blummer (as Don Shelby)
In-story information
Alter ego Gary Concord, Sr., then Gary Concord, Jr.
Species Human
Place of origin Earth
Team affiliations Legion of Super-Heroes
Abilities Enhanced strength and stature

Gary Concord, the Ultra-Man was the name of two fictional, comic-book superheroes, father and son, who first appeared during the 1940s, the period fans and historians call the Golden Age of comic books. Both were characters of All-American Publications, which merged, in 1946, with DC Comics-predecessor National Periodical Publications.

They are separate from the DC Universe character Ultraman, a supervillain and evil counterpart of Superman, who was introduced in Justice League of America #29 (cover-dated Aug. 1964) or the Japanese superhero Ultraman.

Publication history

Created by writer-artist Jon L. Blummer under the pseudonym Don Shelby, Gary Concord the Ultra-Man debuted in All-American's flagship title, All-American Comics #8 (Nov. 1939), in the first part of a two-part story. In All-American Comics #9 (Dec. 1939), the story continues with Gary Concord, Jr., who would appear until issue #19 in 1940.

The latter Ultra-Man made a flashback appearance in "The Last Earth-Prime Story", in Superman #411 (Sept. 1985).

Fictional character biographies

Gary Concord Sr., a 20th-century scientist, had devoted his life to finding the means to end war. In 1950, an accident put him into suspended animation. He awoke as a chemically altered superhuman in the year 2174. His son, Gary Concord Jr., is born in 2214 to the lifespan-lengthened Gary Sr. and wife Leandra — daughter of the tyrant Rebborizon, whom Gary Sr. defeated. Rebborizon eventually returned to kill his own daughter, however, prompting Gary Sr. to kill Rebborizon in return.

After Gary Sr. dies of natural causes in 2239, Gary Jr. succeeds him as both Ultra-Man and as High Moderator of the United States of North America, the country's chief executive. He battles the warlord Tor and other menaces, and is later put into suspended animation until the 100th century. An encounter with the superheroine XS (Jenni Ognats) of the Legion of Super-Heroes inspires Ultra-Man to form his own such team with fellow heroes Avatar, Behemoth, and Metallica on the planet Almeer-5.

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