Cover to Ultraforce #1 (1994).
Art by George Pérez.
Publication information
Publisher Malibu Comics
Marvel Comics
First appearance (pre-Black September)
Ultraforce #1 (August 1994)
(post-Black September)
Ultraforce vol. 2, #1 (October 1995)
In-story information
Base(s) (pre-Black September)
Ultraforce HQ, Florida
(post-Black September)
Ultraforce HQ, Headless Cross, Arkansas
Member(s) See roster

The Ultraforce is a fictional superhero group that appears in comic books published by Malibu, and later Marvel, as well as an animated series produced by DIC. Their purpose was to protect the public and keep other Ultras from getting out of line. The membership consisted of various "ultras" (superheroes) in Malibu's Ultraverse, including the super-strong Prime; Topaz, warrior queen of Gwendor; Prototype, Ultra-Tech's armored spokesperson; the undead Ghoul, the last surviving member of the Exiles; Hardcase, one of the first public Ultras; and the mysterious Contrary, who organized the team and provided their technology.[1]

Pre-Black September

Post-Black September

After the event known as "Black September" (when Marvel Comics purchased Malibu), the Ultraforce was re-created into a new team. Hardcase and Contrary were removed from the team, and from the memories of their former teammates. Prototype (Jimmy Ruiz) was also removed, though he was replaced by his predecessor in the Prototype armor, Bob Campbell. New members included the mysterious Lament and Wreckage. Marvel's Black Knight became the leader of the new group. This series lasted only 15 issues and ended after the Malibu line was shut down by Marvel.


The names listed are those used while the character was associated with Ultraforce. "First appearance" is the place where the character first appeared as a member of the team. It is not necessarily the first appearance of the character in print, nor the story depicting how the character joined the team. All information is listed in publication order first, then alphabetical.

Pre-Black September

Character Real name First appearance Notes
Contrary Unknown Allegedly was "Wetware Mary".
Ghoul Jonathan Martin Exiles #1
Hardcase Tom Hawke Hardcase #1
Pixx Penny Burka Giant-Size Freex #1
Prime Kevin Green Prime #1
Prototype Jimmy Ruiz Prototype #1
Topaz N/A Giant-Size Mantra #1
Black Knight Dane Whitman
The Night Man Johnny Domino
Electrocute Candy (android) Strangers #1
Zip-Zap Leon Balford Strangers #1
Grenade Hugh Fox Strangers #1
Spectral Dave Castiglone Strangers #1
Atom Bob Bob Hardin Strangers #1

Post-Black September

Character Real name First appearance Notes
Black Knight Dane Whitman
Prime Kevin Green
Prototype Bob Campbell
Topaz N/A
Ghoul Jonathan Martin
Hellblade Jefferson Kotto
Amber Hunt N/A
Ironclad Spencer Collins
Lament Sarah Walks Unseen
Maxis Dar'u Sorrin

Animated series

Main article: Ultraforce (TV series)

There was a short-lived Ultraforce cartoon based on the first version of Ultraforce, produced by DIC Entertainment, that aired for 13 episodes.[2]


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