Appearing in "The Nameless One"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Nameless One"Edit

An escaped convict uses an inventor's teleporting device to escape from the cops, but each destination turns out to be dangerous, so he ends up back in his cell.

Appearing in "The Parrot"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Parrot"Edit

Two carny con men make out like bandits when the midget partner dons a giant parrot costume and wows the locals with his intelligence. The midget doesn't trust his manager so he frames him but reckons without the cleaning lady taking pity on the caged bird and opening the cage out the apartment window so that he drops to the street below.

Appearing in "The Model"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Model"Edit

This story suggests that the woman who posed for the Mona Lisa was immortal and shows up from time to time in order to help struggling artists succeed commercially.

Appearing in "The Sorcerers"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Sorcerers"Edit

Two magicians duel for the hand of a princess and a large bag of gold. The handsome young one seems to be fairing poorly in the contest, but for his final demonstration he teleports both himself, the princess and the bag of gold away from her father's castle.

Appearing in "Escape"Edit

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Synopsis for "Escape"Edit

A scientist attempts to escape perpetual war into the past, but ends up enlisted in the US armed forces during WWII.


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