Appearing in "The Hand"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Hand"Edit

A thief acquires a left hand glove of a crook and a right hand glove of a priest and robs a safe. The right hand won't take any of the money. After he escapes, he finds that he can't get the gloves off. When he goes to sleep, the right hand makes him sleepwalk and write out a confession letter to the police which he delivers to the bellhop. The police wake him and take him into custody.

Appearing in "The Men with Green Blood"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Men with Green Blood"Edit

A doctor treats a wounded patient with green blood, but the patient dies and the blood color reverts to red. After he leaves the clinic, two people tail him but he manages to give them the slip and follow them back to a house where he learns they are mutants. A fire starts, and he escapes, but he suffers a cut during the experience and learns that he is a mutant as well.

Appearing in "Inside the Pit"Edit

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Synopsis for "Inside the Pit"Edit

A woman berates her husband for not being ambitious and he has an accident at the power plant which changes his personality. He attempts to extort the city by threatening to detonate the power plant, but another accident is arranged which puts his personality back the way it was and his wife is content.

Appearing in "The Cure!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Cure!"Edit

A doctor uses a time machine to try and wipe out the common cold virus in the past, but when he returns to the present he finds it overrun with beetles that the cold virus had destroyed before he mucked with time.

Appearing in "An Hour to Live!"Edit

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Synopsis for "An Hour to Live!"Edit

A man given three months to live builds a time machine which takes him to a point in the future where Earth's oxygen is diminishing with only a few hours left.

Appearing in "Behind the Wall!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Behind the Wall!"Edit

A man who resents the Great Wall of China as taking up resources that could have accelerated scientific progress finds himself back in time at its construction. He confronts the emperor who reveals that the wall was not built to keep out the Tartars, but rather alien invaders who ride dragon-like beasts and use gunpowder weapons.


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