Appearing in "Mystery In Midville"Edit

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Synopsis for "Mystery In Midville"Edit

A petty thief comes across a city where every person is considerate and helpful. The man who takes him in tells him not to touch a certain box as it took him fifty years to gather its contents. The thief thinks that it must be very valuable and so opens the box that belongs to Pandora.

Appearing in "The Warning"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Warning"Edit

A scientist recreates the serum that gave Midas his golden touch and feeds it to his dog. Anything the dog touches turns to gold and he donates the gold to help people. Another man with greedy intent breaks in and unlocks the dog's cage. While the two men are locked in a struggle, the dog touches them and they are transmuted into gold. The statue is displayed as a moral lesson for people of the struggle between selflessness and greed.

Appearing in "The Hidden Island"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Hidden Island"Edit

A man ventures out to a mist-hidden island that has curative properties in order to marry a couple there.

Appearing in "Inside the Tomb!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Inside the Tomb!"Edit

An ancient tomb is guarded by hypnotists.

Appearing in "The Terrible Fate of Mr. Wren"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Terrible Fate of Mr. Wren"Edit

A scientist puts off marrying until he is wealthy because he wants to avoid the mistake of his parents always arguing since they were poor. He becomes wealthy by inventing a matter duplicator device. When the girl he wishes to marry steps in front of the device, there are now two of them, arguing over which one of them gets to marry him.

Appearing in "The Moving Walls!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Moving Walls!"Edit

An engineer builds a castle as a monument to man's greed that will collapse unless a beam of light shines directly upon a diamond that thieves attempt to steal in succession. Each thief must sit in place holding the diamond in the light until the next greedy man comes along otherwise the castle will collapse upon their heads.



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