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  • Luis (Single appearance)[1]
  • Ramon (Only appearance; dies)[1]




  • High Evolutionary's flying ships

Synopsis for "The Dane Curse"

While the other X-Men bury Storm, a drunken Havok sulks over recent events and recalls her death in the battle with Nanny.  He angrily destroys the computer system with a plasma blast, but the explosion knocks him out.  The computer reconstitutes itself just in time to receive a phone call from a frantic Polaris.  Free of Malice’s control, she is in Punta Arenas, Chile and asks for Havok’s help. When he does not answer, she hangs up, and Malice taunts her by suggesting he no longer cares about her.  Angry, she destroys the phone booth with her powers, injuring herself. Two sailors find her and decide to help her.  Back in Australia, Lady Deathstrike and the Reavers find paintings discarded by a frustrated Colossus as they reconnoiter the X-Men’s base.  Later, they show the artwork to Pierce who reasserts his commitment to killing the X-Men.  Havok wakes up in his quarters with a note informing him of Polaris’s call.  He and Psylocke find the computer completely repaired and trace the call back to Punta Arenas.  Then, they gather the team and have Gateway teleport them there.  In a Punta Arenas bar, a sailor is treating Polaris’s wounds when warriors riding dinosaurs burst in, slaughter the patrons, and take her captive.  The X-Men materialize nearby and defeat the warriors only to be attacked by the Savage Land Mutates.  Whiteout, the Mutates’ newest member, blinds the X-Men with her powers, but Psylocke telepathically guides their counterattack, defeating the Mutates.  They find the Mutates’ leader Zaladane, with Polaris her captive, telling the city’s population that this attack is a reprisal for an oil spill near the Savage Land.  Upon seeing the X-Men, she offers to withdraw her forces in exchange for the team handing over the defeated Mutates.  The X-Men agree even as Havok infiltrates her army.  Before Zaladane leaves, she tells Polaris they are sisters and, now that she has found her, the world will tremble.


  • This issue is reprinted in:
    • Essential X-Men vol. 9 trade paperback (2009);
    • X-Men by Chris Claremont & Jim Lee Omnibus vol. 1 hardcover (2011);
    • X-Men Epic Collection vol. 17: Dissolution and Rebirth trade paperback (2019).


  • Zaladane's claim to be Polaris's sister is never conclusively confirmed or refuted, and the story behind it remains untold.

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