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Synopsis for "X-Tinction Agenda part 7: Capital Crimes"

U.S. news coverage of X-Factor and the X-Men’s fight in Genosha continues with Mr. Fantastic and She-Hulk publicly defending them in interviews. The next day, both teams stand shackled with Cable, Cannonball, and Sunspot in Genoshan court for arraignment. When the Chief Justice arrives, Wolverine moves to attack him, but he has Mutate 20—the enslaved Storm—blast Logan with wind. Chief Magistrate Anderson beats him up and offers the mutant teams the chance to become mutates instead of being put to death. Marvel Girl refuses on their behalf, and the Chief Justice orders them turned over to Cameron Hodge. As Magistrates bring them before Hodge, he boasts of having severed the unconscious Forge’s bionic limbs. Cable grabs a Magistrate’s gun and shoots at Hodge, but Hodge subdues him by taking Psylocke hostage. Hodge then fires spikes at him, but Gambit pushes him aside, taking one in the leg. When Hodge threatens to remove Cable’s bionics, Psylocke feigns surrender and asks to become a mutate. Over Hodge’s objection, Havok has Magistrates take her away. To amuse himself, Hodge traps Archangel and Wolverine in a pit and forces them to fight each other. In a Hammer Bay alley, Boom-Boom, Jubilee, and Rictor spot the Genegineer having a mutate blast a tunnel toward Hodge’s lair and follow him. Back in the citadel, Psylocke breaks free, steals a gun, and sneaks into a ventilation shaft. After tricking Wipeout into meeting him, Hodge hacks into the Genegineer’s computer and discovers a plot against him. He then murders Wipeout. Meanwhile, Cyclops has Gambit pull the spike from his leg, use it to pick his shackles, and free X-Factor and the others. Just as Havok finds Wipeout’s body, Mutate 490—the enslaved Wolfsbane—accuses him of the killing, and Magistrates arrive to arrest him. Elsewhere, Hodge ambushes Anderson and Mutate 20 after learning Anderson is working against him with the Genegineer. Psylocke arrives and helps 20 escape. Once Anderson reveals she knows how to restore the X-Men’s powers, Psylocke saves her, too. Cyclops and Marvel Girl reach the fighting pit, and she separates Logan and Archangel. Suddenly, Anderson enters with 20 and has her target Cyclops. She lays hands on him, triggering a brief flash of light. Afterward, Storm stands over him with her adulthood and free will restored. Psylocke arrives with Hodge in pursuit. Cyclops rises, his powers restored, and hits Hodge with a powerful optic blast. As Anderson hands Scott his visor, Hodge prepares to retaliate.


  • This issue is part seven of the nine-part "X-Tinction Agenda" crossover with New Mutants and X-Factor. The story continues from X-Factor #61 and continues in New Mutants #97.
  • This issue is reprinted in:
    • X-Men: X-Tinction Agenda trade paperback (1992) and (2000);
    • X-Men: X-Tinction Agenda hardcover (2011);
    • Essential X-Men vol. 10 trade paperback (2012);
    • Essential X-Factor vol. 5 trade paperback (2013);
    • Marvel Tales: X-Men #1 (Oct. 2019);
    • X-Men Milestones: X-Tinction Agenda trade paperback (2019).


  • Genoshan officials reveal they can find no record of the X-Men and their allies in U.S. and international databases. As Banshee explains to Cable, this is because the X-Men infected the U.S. government's computer network with a virus that erases all reference to them in Uncanny X-Men #158.

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