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  • Holo-empathic crystal
  • Celestial Nullifier

Synopsis for "Season of the Witch Part 1 of 4"Edit

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  • Part 1 of 4 in the Uncanny X-Men: House of M event
  • Rachel Grey inherited a holo-empathic crystal that contains Jean Grey's essence.
  • Brian Braddock became ruler of Otherworld in Excalibur (Series 2) #4
  • Many alternate universe versions of Earth-616 characters are seen thrust into Roma's Cellestial Hall
  • The Fury is the creation of James Jaspers (Earth-238), the alternate version of the one that appears in this issue. The Fury was the one who killed the (Earth-616) version of James Jaspers and they merged during the reality fracture. The Fury was also defeated by the X-Men in Uncanny X-Men #447.


  • The trans-temporal tsunami mensioned in this issue is the consequence of the Scarlet Witch's warping of the Earth-616 reality
  • Saturnyne's bodyguards, the Executive Action Committe, are made up of male counterparts to the X-Women of Earth-616
  • Marvel Girl explains to Psylocke that she's been seeing her brother Jaime for months now

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