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  • Shi'ar Deathmark


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  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • Part of the Decimation event.
  • This issue is 2 of 3 in the story arc entitled "Grey's End"
  • The events of this issue take place in twenty-four seconds.


  • Though the Imperial Guard slay all Greys who carry the Genome, they also slay Roy Dennefer and his wife Phyllis who are not directly related by blood, but relatives of Elaine Grey who is a Grey by marriage.
  • 12 of the Grey Relatives are murdered within a 24 second span. Another three of the relations are supposedly killed off-panel sometime between the minutes spanning this issue and the next.
  • Elaine Grey, though not present in this issue is mentioned as being upstairs as the massacure begins.
  • Rachel's cusins Mary-Margaret, and Kindra's fates are never known though it is implied that they died in the car accident, along with Rachel's Aunt Julia. Their death was confirmed in X-Men: Messiah Complex - Mutant Files #1

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