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United States Air Force (Earth-616)

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United States Air Force
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The United States Air Forces (USAF) was formed as a separate branch of the military in 1947, but its history started much earlier as a part of the U.S. Army. First aerial combat force was created during World War I and it was very efficient for covering infantry and tanks. During the World War II it attacked German and Japanese bases and some squadrons were leaded by Human Torch and the rest of the Invaders.Empty citation (help) 

One USAF bomber, the Enola Gay, dropped the first atomic bomb on the Japanese city Hiroshima, and then another one on Nagasaki. They also participated during the Vietnam War, sending thousands of helicopters and many bombers which smashed many enemy villages.


Clancy Kiel (Earth-616)

File:Clancy Kiel (Earth-616).png

Clancy Kiel was the first soldier to meet CAP just outside the Eielson Air Force Base.[1]
He and his patrol were all instantly killed by the robot.[2]

Lowery (Earth-616)

Lowery (Earth-616) from Red She-Hulk Vol 1 65 001

Airman Lowery

Airman Lowery was instructed by General Fortean to assign She-Hulk quarters on the Thunderbolts flying fortress.[3]

Nelson Heppe (Earth-616)

File:Nelson Heppe (Earth-616).png

Brigadier General Nelson Heppe was arrested by Colonel Ross.[4]

Tyler (USAF) (Earth-616)

File:Tyler (USAF) (Earth-616).png

Tyler served at the Andru Air Force Base under Colonel Jameson.[5]

Former Members

Barlow (Earth-616)

File:Barlow (Earth-616).png

Barlow was killed by the Orkosk spirit.[4]

Corsikal Volaztin (Earth-616)

File:Corsikal Volaztin (Earth-616).png

Corsikal Volaztin was Colonel Ross' field expert on the paranormal.[4]

Mellon (Earth-616)

File:Mellon (Earth-616).png

Mellon was possessed by the Orkosk Eye.[4]

Taylor (USAF) (Earth-616)

File:Taylor (USAF) (Earth-616).png

Taylor was killed by the Orkosk spirit.[4]

William Krugauer (Earth-616)

File:Will Krugauer (Earth-616).png

Colonel Will Krugauer was a friend of Thaddeus Ross who retired early from the Air Force and was killed in Qatar.[6]


Equipment: War planes, bombers, helicopters
Transportation: Space-Warp Ship
Weapons: Neutralizer Ray


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