Quote1.png When I saw you that night... the night you escaped. You were standing against the flames. You turned and you looked straight at me. I knew then that one day you'd come looking for me, that you'd find me. Quote2.png
-- Delia Surridge

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December 23rd, 1997
The body of Bishop Lilliman is taken back to the Nose at New Scotland Yard. Eric Finch speaks with pathologist Doctor Delia Surridge concerning the manner in which Lilliman was killed. Eric shows her a Violet Carson that was left at the scene of the crime. They make arrangements to meet later.

At the Shadow Gallery, Evey is upset with her role in the death of Bishop Lilliman. While she knew that V planned on rescuing her and exposing Lilliman's scandalous affairs, she had no idea that her mysterious avenger intended on murdering him. She tells V that she will no longer be a party to murder.

In Knightsbridge, Fingerman Derek Almond gets into an argument with his wife, Rose. Rose states that his obsession with finding Codename V is ruining their marriage. Derek backhands her across the face, and retreats into the bedroom to clean his gun.

Back at the Nose, Eric Finch and Dominic Stone continue investigating the recent V attacks. Stone draws a connection between Codename V and a series of classified hormonal experiments that took place at the Larkhill Resettlement Camp between 1992 and 1993. Three of the camp's administrators included two of V's previous victims – Lewis Prothero and Anthony Lilliman. Another name on the register is Doctor Delia Surridge. Finch has Stone get a hold of Derek Almond and warns him that Surridge may be V's next victim.

That night in Plaistow, V enters Delia's bedroom. She awakens with a start, but despite the prominent Guy Fawkes mask, she knows immediately who it is standing before her. More than anyone, Surridge is responsible for creating the man that V has become. Unlike the others however, Delia is the only one to feel any sense of remorse over the part she played in this hideous drama. V injects her with a slow-acting poison and does her the courtesy of revealing his true face to her before she dies. A Violet Carson is left in her room.

Derek Almond arrives at Delia's flat just as V exits the front door. He tries to apprehend him, but V is faster and stronger than Almond. He pins him to the wall and promptly kills him.

December 24th, 1997
Eric Finch and Dominic Stone arrive in Plaistow, but V is long gone. Finch finds Surridge's diary sitting on a nightstand beside her bed. Over the course of several hours, he pours over the journal and reports his findings to Chancellor Adam Susan.

Inside the journal is a detailed account of Surridge's pathological studies from the time she spent at Larkhill. She goes into detail concerning the subject from Room #5, the only apparent survivor of the Batch 5 experiments. As hoped, the subject's strength and reflexes were greatly enhanced from the hormone treatments, though the procedure rendered him completely insane. The journal further reveals that on Christmas Eve in 1993, the man from Room #5, having acquired all of the chemicals needed to produce napalm and mustard gas, engineered an elaborate escape attempt from Larkhill. His body was hideously burned from the multiple explosions, but he was nonetheless free. The subject from Room #5 eventually became the terrorist, Codename V.

Finch is obsessed with Surridge's journal, but cannot understand why V left it for others to find. He cannot determine whether V's vendetta against his former tormentors is complete, or if there are still more travesties awaiting the people of London.


  • V for Vendetta takes place within its own insular continuity, and does not share continuity with that of the mainstream DC Universe, or the continuities of any other DC Comics project.
  • Select chapters from this issue were originally printed in Warrior magazine by Quality Communications (issue numbers 9-11).
  • This issue is divided into three chapters:
  • Part IX: Violence
  • Part X: Venom
  • Part XII: The Vortex


  • V is seen reading Thomas Pynchon's novel V. in which he reads the lines from Chapter Two: "There is more behind and inside V. than any of us had suspected. Not who, but what is she."
  • Dr. Surridge's comment about an experiment she had heard is a reference to the Milgram experiment in which it was a series of social psychology experiments conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram in 1963.

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