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Valhalla Cemetery is a private burial ground honoring those men and women who haved lost their lives in the cause of justice. Its primary focus is on those super-heroes and family members whose legacies are rooted in the "Golden Age" of crime-fighting. The upkeep of the cemetery is currently presided over by members of the Justice Society of America. Those who have been laid to rest here include the original Atom, Doctor Mid-Nite, Red Bee and the Sandman. Memorial statues have also been erected for fallen members of the All-Star Squadron and JSA including Queen Hippolyta and Zatara.

Several years ago, the reunited members of the JSA conducted funeral services for Wesley Dodds, the original Sandman. The service was interupted when a group of Egyptian zombies called the Sons of Anubis attacked the JSA at the behest of the Dark Lord Mordru.[1]


In the apocryphal continuity of Pre-Crisis Earth-Two, the original Batman was laid to rest at Valhalla Cemetery. Batman passed away in the late 1970s.


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