Valkyries was a series written by Steve Moore and drawn by John Lucas which ran in 2000 AD progs 1377 to 1382 (2004). It was set in a future in which the Ring, an empire of six worlds including Earth, was ruled by a hedonistic society of women who had based their culture for the last thousand years on old Norse legends. Minor noblewoman Kara Signysdottir is kidnapped by the renegade male scientist Egil Ragnarsson, who effectively uploads his own personality into her head via a spinal implant. Egil's body is killed by a group of warrior women (including Captain Hjordis Hjordisdottir, the drug fuelled berserker Grimhild Skuldsdottir, the troll woman Squixx 'Squeaks' Pelador from Mork's Star and the telempath Lily Lee Li) sent to retrieve Kara, but she discovers that he now exists as a constant guiding voice in her head. Convinced by Egil that a group of Odinist (ie male) revolutionaries from outside the Ring are attempting to overthrow their society in an alliance with the alien Trez (who actually intend to betray the men and use humanity as a supply of fresh meat) Kara takes command of the Valkyries ship and leads them on a mission to thwart the Odinists plans and kill their leader, Baldur Ragnarsson, Egil's fanatical son. Despite successfully completing their mission, the future of the Valkyries was left looking uncertain, as a supposedly clairvoyant priestess had earlier predicted the coming of Ragnarok, the end of all things, and now reminded Kara that in the old legends, the death of Baldur was the precursor to the final act...

The strip was reprinted in Valkyries, a collected edition given away free with issue #351 of the Judge Dredd Megazine in August 2014.

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