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Comic books and graphic novels which feature vampires include Vampirella (Warren Publishing, 1969), Morbius, the Living Vampire (Marvel, 1971), Tomb of Dracula (Marvel Comics, 1972), Blade (Marvel, 1973), I...Vampire (DC Comics, 1981), Hellsing (Shonen Gahosha, 1997), 30 Days of Night (IDW Publishing, 2002), Chibi Vampire (Monthly Dragon Age, 2003), "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" (Weekly Shonen Jump 1986-2004, Ultra Jump 2004-) Rosario + Vampire (Monthly Shōnen Jump 2004), Vampire Knight (LaLa, 2005), Blood Alone (MediaWorks, 2005), Dracula vs. King Arthur (Silent Devil Productions, 2005), Dance in the Vampire Bund (Media Factory, 2006), Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures (Dabel Brothers Productions/Marvel Comics, 2007), Half Dead (Dabel Brothers Productions/Marvel Comics, 2007), Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight (Dark Horse Comics, 2007), Nosferatu (Viper Comics, 2010), Twilight: The Graphic Novel (2010)[1] and He's My Only Vampire (Kodansha, 2010).[2]

Proinsias Cassidy, the supporting lead male in Garth Ennis's comic book series Preacher (DC/Vertigo, 1995), is a vampire of Irish origin. In addition, many major superheroes have faced vampire supervillains at some point. In the Belgo-French comic Le Bal du rat mort,[3] police inspector Jean Lamorgue is a hybrid vampire and he is a king of rats. He is guiding an invasion of rats in Ostend and he sucks the blood of his human victims.

In 2009, Zuda Comics launched La Morté Sisters. A story of teenage vampirism in a Catholic orphanage taking place in South Philadelphia. The story follows new girl Maddie in a world of ninja nuns and black magic.[4]


Magazines which feature vampires include Bite me magazine (launched 1999). Typical features include interviews with vampire actors, features on famous vampire film classics, vampire-related news, forthcoming vampire film and book releases.

Defunct vampire magazines include Crimson (England); Journal of the Dark (USA), Father Sebastiaan's Vampyre Magazine (USA) and The Velvet Vampyre (available to members of the disbanded The Vampyre Society, England).



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