Appearing in "Sink-Hole!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Sink-Hole!"Edit

A lonely woman, who had joined a lonely hearts club, accepts a marriage proposal by mail, but when she meets him, he is actually much older than she realizes. After she meets the new area health inspector, Rick Hudson, and falls for him, she murders her husband and dumps him into the well on their property so she can carry on a romance with Hudson. Then she discovers that Hudson is married and leaving town.....disappointed beyond hope, she goes over to well to draw some water to quench her mounting thirst....and gets a REAL surprise!

Appearing in "Lend Me a Hand!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Lend Me a Hand!"Edit

Eminent physician Dr. Johnson is the victim of a car accident and loses his hand, which means his career if finished. After reading an article in a medical journal about keeping tissue alive by a chemical and mechanical apparatus, the doctor decides to kill a drunk to get a hand to replace the one he lost.....with some very unfortunate results!

Appearing in "The Mask of Horror"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Mask of Horror"Edit

Ken Anders stops off at an eerie costume shop to get a costume for a party, and the weird owner outfits him with a mask and costume that is supposed to represent his true self. Opening the box upon reaching home, he discovers the costume of a rotting corpse inside. Donning only the costume, he goes over to his fiancee's house, but she begs off because of a he leaves, but then discovers he left the box with the mask inside at her house. When he returns, she is in the arms of another he leaves devastated. He puts the mask on and heads to the party, and meets a woman dressed as a vampire and falls for her. They head into the garden to unmask and he discovers she really IS a vampire, who then attacks him. Anders drowns her in a lily pond....but then notes his reflection in the pond with terrifying results!

Appearing in "Dying to Lose Weight!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Dying to Lose Weight!"Edit

In a small town populated by many fat people, a weird Dr. Perdo comes to town, offering to help those people through the use of a tiny weight-reducing capsule. Four accept his offer....and the capsule works on them to perfection, and the town is sorry to see Dr. Perdo move on. But then, the four people suddenly die horrible if they had starved to death. Six months later, Perdo, in disguise, returns to the town, but is discovered and runs into the cemetery to hide....and into the mausoleum of one of his victims....where he comes face-to-face with the thing that had killed his victims: a giant tapeworm!


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