Created by Alan McKenzie, Vector 13 was a series of unconnected short stories rather reminiscent of TV's then phenomenally popular series The X-Files. It ran in the pages of 2000 AD in the 1990s, beginning with prog 951 in 1995. The stories were introduced by the mysterious 'Men in Black' of the Vector 13 agency, who also frequently appeared in the tales themselves.

Very much a product of the times, the series eventually achieved something no other 2000 AD series had been able to accomplish when, with prog 1014, the Men in Black actually supplanted Tharg as 2000 AD's fictitious 'editors'/hosts. They occupied this rôle for some time while Tharg was supposedly away in space, and were even added to the comic's masthead.

When the popularity of the X-Files format waned and the Vector 13 series was cancelled in 1998, Tharg returned to Earth to discover that his position had been usurped by fake Men in Black who were actually his rebellious droids in disguise, and the experiment came to a swift end.

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