Harvey2 Official Name
Harvey2 Aliases
Morning Star; Evening Star

Location Details
Harvey2 Galaxy
Harvey2 Sector
Harvey2 Star System
Harvey2 Planet

Harvey2 Dimensions
4.60×108 km² (0.902 Earths)
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Venus is a terrestrial planet, and is the second closest orbiting body to the sun in the Sol system. Venus is covered with an opaque layer of highly reflective clouds of carbon dioxide, preventing its surface from being seen from space in visible light. Due to its size and mass, Venus is often regarded as Earth's "sister planet".

  • Venus is the home world of the Venusian worm, Mister Mind.
  • In Earth-S continuity, Doctor Sivana once established a base of operations on Venus and crowned his daughter, Beautia, the Empress of Venus.



Area/Dimensions: 4.60×108 km² (0.902 Earths)
Equatorial Radius: 6,051.9 km (0.95 Earths)
Equatorial Surface: 8.87 m/s2

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