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Real Name
Vincent Cade
Current Alias
Base Of Operations
A base on Angor's Moon; formerly Slovekia in Eastern Europe (on Earth-8)

Assassin, formerly enlisted soldier
Critically injured while deserting his post during the Iranian War, he was used in a government experiment, which gave him his powers.
First appearance


Vincent Cade was formerly a soldier from New York City during the Second Gulf War. Having had enough of the war he attempted to desert his post. However, he was caught by a military police patrol and was critically wounded in a enemy surprise attack. Cade was taken to Experiment House as a perfect specimen for the United States government's research and development for a super soldier. As a result of experimentation, Cade was given the codename Tracer and gifted with incredible animalistic abilities. He was also forced to endure hours of violent images and subliminal audio telling him to kill. He was implanted with a chip which could induce pain; as a means of control, which was first tested by having Vincent forcefully kill a young girl. However, when Tracer was first deployed (alongside Americommando and his regular partner the Eagle), he killed the Eagle and had to be subdued. Just as his masters were about to use the chip to shut him down, Lord Havok arrived, removed the chip, and offered Tracer his friendship.[1] At Havok's command, Tracer works as an assassin-for-hire for organized crime, gaining valuable information on them for his master. He also began a relationship with Louise Marino, the woman known as Dreamslayer.

He was attacked and badly beaten by members of Monarch's followers; only his enhanced healing power kept him from dying. After Lord Havok convinced Monarch of his ability, Havok was appointed second-in-command and Tracer joined Monarch's forces. In the wake of the quantum incident which ended Monarch's campaign, Lord Havok led Tracer and the rest of the Extremists to a secret facility on Angor's Moon, from which he plans to lead them to conquer the Multiverse.[2]

Character Powers and Equipment

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Regenerative Powers: the limits of Cade's ability to heal are unknown, but he regrew his arms after they were blown off in Iran. They also allowed him to return from a state of clinical death.
  • Inbuilt weapons: Cade has large blades embedded in his forearms. As well as nails and teeth that have been strengthened to the extent that they can be used offensively.
  • Template:Energy Transference: Tracer has the ability to efficiently absorb energy from any source. Punch him and he becomes stronger by converting the energy to power.


  • Assassination



Cade was once provided with a personal hovercraft for fighting in Slovekia. It is unknown if he retained it for future use.


None; Cade prefers to rely on his built-in weaponry.

Appearances, Images, and QuotesEdit

  • Quotations by or about Vincent Cade (Earth-8)


  • Tracer is based on the Pre-Crisis villain of the same name, but ultimately on the Marvel Comics villain Sabretooth, though with some similarities to Wolverine.
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