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Appearing in "Skin Trade"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Destine
  • Daeva (First appearance)
  • Dyavo (First appearance) (Death)
  • Providence

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Skin Trade"

In war-torn Yurgovia, Providence helps a woman named Cathy Gregory escape with two orphans from the country’s former ruler, Destine.  She confronts Destine, demanding the Orb of power Destine possesses. Destine will only give it to her in exchange for help getting revenge on Zealot.  At Halo in New York, Voodoo gripes at the strictness of Zealot’s training regimen, and the two argue until Emp intervenes.  Later, Providence appears to Zealot and tells her that the child she secretly gave up in Siberia decades ago is in Yurgovia.  Zealot tells Emp she is leaving for a vacation, and he suggests Voodoo go with her so the two can settle their differences.  She reluctantly agrees.  After several days in Greece, Zealot tracks down a smuggler and compels him to get her and Voodoo into Yurgovia.  Meanwhile, Providence convinces Gregory to evacuate more orphans via an airlift from the roof Destine’s castle.  Zealot and Voodoo fight their way into the country, eventually finding the smuggler’s contact, Henk Vlcek.  Tortured and beaten by Destine’s henchman Dyavo, he tells them about the planned airlift. They soon find Dyavo attempting to rape a woman, and Zealot kills him.  She and Voodoo then rescue Gregory and a group of children from a Yurgovian tank. Gregory tells them she worked with Vlcek, about her encounter with Providence, and that she is trying to get the kids to the airlift.  Suspecting a set-up, the three women steal the tank and head for the castle while Providence warns Destine they are coming.  Zealot and Voodoo battle Destine and her henchwoman Daeva while Gregory gets the kids to the castle roof.  Voodoo defeats Daeva while Zealot steals the Orb from Destine and chases her to the roof. Zealot tosses it away, and Destine jumps after it, disappearing in a flash of light.  Zealot rages at Providence for lying about finding her child in Yurgovia, but Providence insists her prophecy was true and vanishes.  Stormwatch members Fahrenheit and Winter arrive to evacuate the children.  As she and Voodoo assist, Zealot notes that Winter is Russian.  Later, she and Voodoo are back relaxing on the beach in Greece, and they agree to keep this adventure between the two of them.


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